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IMPORTANT | NOTICE by your webmaster
Dear Nikolai Kapustin admirer, Some   of   you   might   have   received   the   newsletter   of   Tim   Gill   of   Must   (   regarding Nikolai   Kapustin.   Details   newsletter:   Nikolai   Kapustin.   Tue,   31   Oct   2017   20:38:55.   On   request   I   can send you this newsletter. I   like   to   mention   that   I   am   very   disappointed   in   Tim   Gill   (Must)   and   Ashot   Akopian   (A-RAM).   Their newsletter lacks the respect maestro Kapustin deserves. They   are   convinced   of   their   rights   to   publish   Nikolai   Kapustin's   music.   The   contract   with   Prhythm (Affairs    Co.    LTD,    Japan)    was    stopped    in    May    2013    and    in    summer    2013    Must    and    A-RAM    were informed   about   this,   also   that   Nikolai   Kapustin   would   sign   an   exclusive   contract   with   a   new   publisher; a   publishing   agreement   between   Nikolai   Kapustin   and   Schott   Music   has   been   concluded   in   2014   and it is the only valid one. Also,    the    recent    edition    of    Kapustin's    op.    49    for    four    hands    as    sold    by    Tim    Gill    (Must)    on   is   actually   a   Prhythm   edition   with   an   A-RAM   look-a-like   front   and   back   cover,   but   in fact   it   is   not   published   by   A-RAM.   Neither   Prhythm,   nor   Affairs   Co.   LTD,   nor   Must   or   A-RAM   are allowed   to   publish   this   Prhythm   edition   in   any   way   under   the   copyright   of   Affairs   Co.   LTD   (Prhythm),     because   the   contract   was   between   Affairs   and   Nikolai   Kapustin.   Prhythm   was   just   a   sub   publisher who used the rights granted to them by Affairs. For this reason it makes it an illegal one. Wim de Haan, your webmaster Date: 14 November, 2017
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