Ludmil Angelov plays Kapustin Pianoconcerto no.4 Live recording (world premiere), Murcia, Spain [2008] Ludmil Angelov (piano) José Miguel Rodilla (conductor) The Symphony Orchestra of Murcia (orchestra) The presented music is used with permission of Ludmil Angelov. Copyright is owned by Ludmil Angelov. Unauthorized use of this music file prohibited Nikolai Kapustin - Piano Sonata 14, Op. 120 Mov III Released on Non Profit Music as NPM1011 in 2004 Ludmil Angelov (piano) The presented music is used with permission of Ludmil Angelov and The Foundation Non Profit Music. Copyright is owned by The Foundation Non Profit Music.   Nikolai Kapustin - Piano Concerto No.6 op.74 (World Première) 1. Allegro 2. Larghetto 3. Allegro giocoso Pianist: Masahiro Kawakami Conductor: Daisuke Soga Date: March 12, 2013 Place: Kioi Hall, Tokyo Further details: The following programs were performed by only percussionists and pianists. Lutoslawski, Kapustin (Concerto for 2 pianos & percussion op.104 and Piano Concerto No.6 op.74), Kataoka (Japanese, Marimba concerto) are the program. Kapustin's 6th concerto and the Marimba concerto are played as the world premiere performances. Weblink Masahiro Kawakami: Weblink Daisuke Soga: Video courtesy of Mashiro Kawakami. About this video: this live recording was made using three HD video cameras, however due technical problems two of the video cameras could not be used for editing, only the camera on stage did work correctly. This is the reason why no overview of the stage and for this reason the orchestra can be seen. The video of the concert is for this reason never been released, however your webmaster ‘pushed’ Masahiro Kawakami a little to make this recording available anyway, happily he did do so. Nikolai Kapustin - Piano Concerto No.2 op.14 Please notice: the op.14 is originally composed for Strings, Big Band and Piano, here it is performed in an arrangement by the conductor for String Orchestra and Piano. Kazan Chamber Orchestra with Elena Loss (piano) Kazan Chamber Orchestra "La Primavera" avec solistes Musique de Jenkins, Kapustin, Breiner et Piazzolla Nikolai Kapustin - Concerto de jazz pour piano n° 2 op. 14 Interpret: Kazan Chamber Orchestra "La Primavera"  Roustem Abiazov (direction) Elena Loss (piano) Lieu du concert: Grande Salle de Villars, CH-1884 Villars-sur-Ollon [27 février 2015] Nikolai Kapustin - Curiosity Op.157  Yana Tyulkova - piano The presented music is used with permission of Yana Tyulkova. Copyright is owned by Yana Tyulkova. Unauthorized use of this music file prohibited.   PNC 3 48 LINK Nikolai Kapustin - Piano Concerto No. 3 Op. 48  [World Premiere] Masahiro Kawakami - piano 2016 © Masahiro Kawakami. The presented live recording is used with permission for this website only.  Unauthorized use of this music file prohibited. Do Not Upload on YouTube. Recording World Premiere Nikolai Kapustin Piano Concerto No. 3 Op. 48 Please notice: this semi-professional live recording is unreleased and is made available with permission of pianist Masahiro Kawakami. Nikolai Kapustin  -  Piano Concerto No. 3 Op. 48 Pianist: Masahiro Kawakami Dirigent: Daisuke Soga Orchester: Orchestra of the Tokyo College of Music 6. November 2016 | Tokyo (Japan), Tokyo College of Music 100th Anniversary Hall. Pianist Masahiro Kawakami performed the presented Kapustin 3rd piano concerto in concert  as World Premiere on November 6, 2016. Your webmaster did ask Mr. Kawakami about the existing of audio or video of the concert. Unfortunately no official audio or video was made, however a digital audio tape for his own use was made from the actual performance, this using the main microphones of the concert hall. Mr. Kawakami was at first a little reserved about your webmaster's idea to make it available for Kapustin admirers and other music enthousiasts, but it in the end he gave his approval. A Bu plays Nikolai Kapustin Piano Concerto No. 2 Op. 14 Mov. 1 A Bu - piano Moscow Jazz Orchestra & Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra Conductor: Pavel Ovchinnikov More about A Bu:  click here
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