copy.right  part 2
Be Original  -  Do Not Copy or Download  -  Buy Original Sheet Music Only by your webmaster
Comment to above: After the PianoFiles website had to close down by law, the same owner started just a few months later And guess,   a 100% copy of his own former website! The Kapustin listing is long, members seem to be proud of this. 
Comment to above:  Pianofiles was very popular among us, site does not store or contains physical sheet music files, but does list sheet music as owned by the members. Website makes it possible between members to exchange sheet music. No composer gets money. Site owner earned in some years upto US$ 60.000 for simply doing nothing, they do not responds to DMCA claims what-so-ever. SIte ran on a server in the Netherlands, the US is for example very strickt with DMCA claims, guess the Dutch do not care. After 10 years or so the site was closed by European law for severe copyright violations.
Comment to above: Poor server? Poor database? Site taken down? At times the above can be seen. To your webmaster it feels wrong that the site is still available.Your webmaster did contact the webmaster ‘hundreds of times’ asking him to remove the Kapustin content, no reply what-so-ever.
Comment to above: Sribd is very known and completely legitimate, thougfh they are not allowed to make copyrighted sheet music as of Nikolai Kapustin available, but a person is free to upload it ?!? The composer or copyright holder himself should contact Scribd about this, so to send a DMCA claim themself. Contents is removed within hours. Your webmaster did do so very often, but it is ‘hopeless’. Everytime an ‘idealist’ or a Kapustin admirer thinks: “ah, no Kapustin sheet music is uploaded, let me do so.”
Comment to above: After sending a DMCA claim content is removed within hours by the Scribd people; link does not work anymore and the above screenshot can be seen ….. until someone else uploads Kapustin sheet music again …...
Comment to above:  Torrent sites still exist. A complete package of Kapustin sheet music can be downloaded. Users feel perfectly okay with this service. BTW the money you often have to pay for the use of a torrent site goes to the torrent website, no money goes to the composer or publisher.
Comment to above:  The above Torrent listing needs no explanation I guess.
Comment to above:   What to say. This service is legitimate, the website itself is, but most content is not, check out the first page of the Kapustin Concert Etudes Op.40 and do check out of the number of pages of the document.
Comment to this section: This is a very known website and does offer an unique service. Your webmaster found out by coincedence that this website offered sheet music of Nikolai Kapustin. This website did not only offered sheet music, but also asked money for this. Manuscripts as offered here could be bought back than at the Kapustin Society, no care was taken in how to inform people on not to distribute the manuscrips in any way. I am sure the site owner thought he did not do anything wrong, because all content can be found on the internet, this at no cost. But the site owner should have been suspicious, and simply he had to do his homework. After your webmaster send an email, the content was removed within an hour. Question is: “how many website visitors did buy this collection of sheet music?” And how many visitors got the impression or confirmation that Kapustin’s sheet music is public domain? Keywords: copyright & royalties
Comment to above:   Chinese forum. Full of Nikolai Kapustin downloads. As many other Chinese site no DMCA availibilty. So members can do what they want to do. Please give it thought and stop uploading Kapustin sheet music.
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