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CONTACT | WEBMASTER Wim de Haan the Netherlands ABOUT | WEBSITE This   is   the   Official   Home   of   Nikolai   Kapustin.   This   website   is   an   initiative   of   Wim   de   Haan and   is   devoted   to   a   great   musician   and   composer.   This   website   is   authorized   by   Nikolai Kapustin   and   has   his   full   support.   Website   is   not   affiliated   with   any   management,   record company or publisher. Website has no commercial interest. Care   is   taken   in   respecting   the   copyright   issue;   for   example   permission   for   the   audio   files (Audio   section)   are   given   by   the   copyright   holder,   also   names/links   are   provided.   However   it is   possible   that   this   is   not   the   case.   If   so,   please   consider   to   give   approval   anyway.   Please contact the webmaster for any question or inquiry.  
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