CONTACT  E-mail:   You can send your questions either in English, Deutsch or Nederlands. WEBMASTER E-mail:   You can send your comments or questions either in English, Deutsch or Nederlands. ABOUT | WEBSITE This is the Official Home of Nikolai Kapustin.  Any   question   regarding   Nikolai   Kapustin’s   published   and   unpublished   works   can   be   send   and   will be   answered,   as   well   as   help   on   performances   of   orchestral   works   (rentals).   However   Maestro Kapustin   feels   that   he   is   retired   at   age   of   80.   For   this   reason   he   is   not   available   for   interviews   or other   matter   regarding   his   music.   He   never   liked   the   idea   to   discuss   or   answer   questions   regarding his   own   music   and   this   did   not   change   in   the   years.   Your   mail   can   be   forwarded   on   request,   but   as mentioned, Maestro will not reply personally. He does hope for your understanding. WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT | RESEARCH | WEBSITE CONTENT E-mail:   Wim de Haan, the Netherlands  
pianist & composer